Your egg SISOO is from:

Farm: Happy Farms Location: Ohario Valley, Wellington Production type: Free-Range
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Trace another egg

Enter the 5-digit code stamped on your egg (with no spaces or hyphens). to trace it:


Enter the 5-digit egg stamp code. here. e.g. FR123

What's stamped on my egg?

  • 5 digits
  • More digits
Production Method

Each egg is stamped with the method of production using a 2-digit alpha code:

  • FR Free-Range
  • BN Barn
  • CL Colony
  • CG Cage
  • OR Organic
Farm Code

Every participating farm has it's own unique 3-digit farm code, issued by the Egg Producers Federation.

5-digit traceable code

This code is always featured first, and will always start with the production method code, being either FR, BN, CL, CG or OR, and is always followed by a three-digit numerical code. You only need to add these five digits into the Trace My Egg system.


Some farmers will add additional information to their egg stamps for their own, more detailed traceability opportunities, such as the shed that the egg was collected from. Providing this level of detail on an egg stamp is not a requirement of the egg stamping programme at this time and should not be entered in to the Trace My Egg system.